Re-design the future
of the business world
Train the trainer program
The role of human ecology trainer is unique. You can become the one who helps organisations to transform themselves for the better.
Who guides in creating an eco-culture and helps to develop conscious business.
Who helps people to connect to themselves, their mission and their meaning.
The world is changing rapidly, perhaps faster than ever. Organisations and companies are looking for people, consultants, trainers, facilitators who can help them to transform the company for the better. This requires more than a good knowledge of the business world, the rules in place and culture. Companies need authentic, enthusiastic, creative, exemplary and sometimes even uncomfortable consultants with strong ethics, capable of bringing a wind of change, rooted in current culture and focusing on the emerging future.
Helping a company to transform itself means helping to transform the people who are there.
We have developed this program to enable each participant to become, on the one hand, a qualified trainer-facilitator and, on the other hand, to be able to bring the principles of human ecology and conscious leadership to the business world.
This intensive program has been designed for...
the development of professional consultants and facilitators who wish to improve their skills, knowledge and support organisations in the creation of a conscious company, based on their quality of being as much as their knowledge and know-how.
those who understand that when it comes to helping others to transform themselves, it is necessary to have transformed oneself and to know the process.
active and committed people who wish to go beyond their own limits and invest effort and energy in this journey. This is the path of the conscious consultant towards excellence.
It is addressed to...
those who want to help leaders, managers and employees change their lives, change their organisation and, perhaps, change the world for the better. One step at a time, with humility.
About the program
1st module: 6-9 January 2020 (4 days)
2nd module: 9-12 March 2020 (4 days)
3rd module: 21-23 April 2020 (3 days)
Training objectives
- to develop trainer's facilitation skills
- to learn how to build a training course (pedagogical engineering)
- to become able to use arguments in front of a customer (improve your ability to sell)
- to develop the qualities required to be an excellent trainer
- to understand and integrate the human ecology and conscious leadership approach

The topics covered:

- Group facilitation

- Neuroscience, nutrition and learning

- Assess what has been accomplished
- Different pedagogical techniques (role-playing, case studies, multimedia, experimentation, presentation, feedback)
- Reinventing pedagogy, learn through errors…
- Communication techniques and feedback (for training leading and between peers)
- Managing group dynamics in a learning situation
- Anticipating and managing resistance and conflict

- The ideal qualities of the facilitator (who puts the soul)
- Self-awareness development
- Stress management techniques, meditation, emotional and spiritual maturity
- Self-evaluation
- Giving and receiving feedback
- Identifying and accepting your strengths and areas of focus of improvement
- Exchanging with peers to stay in a continuous improvement process
- Human ecology, human nature and its relationships
- Conscious leadership
- The place of consciousness in learning
- The 4 essential relationships
- Human ecology in the company: how knowledge of human nature, in all its dimensions, makes it possible to combine sustainable performance and well-being
- Ecological mindset
- The 3 fundamental values and the link with the 3 brains

- Developing a training programme (analysis of a demand and training needs, design the solution, defining the skills to be acquired and to what degree, defining the deliverables)
- Preparing a training offer to a customer

- Who is the customer?
- Developing a healthy relationship with all parties involved
- What kind of feedback to give for the contractor?
Lively training session: a path to follow
Our experience has shown that the lively training and facilitation of groups is among the most difficult points for many candidate trainers. Our program is designed to encourage this practice during the time we spend together. As a participant, you will regularly be asked to experiment with small group facilitation and receive feedback from your peers and coaches.

Between sessions, you will be invited to prepare your presentations, read documents and watch videos.

The 11 days must therefore be considered as the tip of the iceberg! It is your involvement and your upstream work that will bring out the best in you and all the other future facilitators..

Meet the trainers team
Frederic Theismann
Senior trainer
S.A. Group international Director,
"The world urgently needs self-aware and wise leaders. It starts by questioning our certainties. What am I not seeing? What belief prevent me from seeing the truth?"
Bénédicte Francois
Senior trainer
S.A. Group international Founder
"There is very little understanding of what it means to be human. We start from ourselves. Conscious human beings make better companies"
Application process
Applications to take part in this program should be submitted by 6th December, 2019 by e-mail
Applicants should provide:
CV in English or French
A letter and/or video (3 to 5 minutes) presenting your motivations:
  • the reasons why you want to take part in this adventure?
  • the reasons why we should take you on board!?
  • how this adventure will allow you to have a positive impact in the world?
  • what do you intend to do after this training (possible professional project)?
Practical information
Participants who will have been present during all 11 days, who will have participated in the programme and carried out the required work (presentations of a subject at each session) will be awarded a certificate of participation.
A certificate of attendance will also be given to each participant.
The sessions will be given in French (main language) with an English translation.
The training will be held in the Strasbourg or Obernai region.
The exact location has not yet been determined.
At the end of November 2019, the location will be communicated to the registered people.
Price: 4450€ (+VAT)
It includes:
- participation to the 11 days of training sessions
- 3 sessions of 30 minutes of individual coaching
- Lunch during the 11 days
- Learning material

Hotel, travel and catering expenses (morning and evening) are not included in this price.
The program"Re-design the future of the business world"
Dare to be a pioneer
We are one of the pioneering consulting companies working in the area of conscious business. Our consultants have each more than 10 years of experience, they built ad gave trainings in different parts of the world. But the most important thing is that we practice what we share. "Walk the talk" is one of our motto.
Unique Experience
Professional trainers, international teams, intensive growth, self-development, inspiring experiences, friendship and enthusiasm!
Great Mission
The role of human ecology trainer is unique. You can become the one who
helps organisations to transform themselves for the better. Who
guides in creating an eco-culture in organisations and helps to develop conscious business. Who helps people to connect to themselves, their mission and their meaning.
Join S.A. Group International
Let's re-design the future
of the business world together

We believe that companies can accelerate their transformations and develop strong mindful inspiring leaders in their workplace and beyond.

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